BOJ the play

BOJ the play started in many readings at Empire State College SUNY program and then in KQ Playwriting. Then, I made a movie that you can see because of the pandemic. Now, I am finally performing live in the United Solo Festival November 19 at 730 pm at Theatre Row in NYC.

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My Story

What started as a monologue in a Salon in 2017 has turned into a complete one man play and movie. There are so many people to thank like Jason Vance Campbell for being by my side and loving me, Isaac Bush for leading me and directing me so beautifully, Nate Irvin for his incredible cinematography, and the wonderful outpour of support on my Gofundme page. https://www.gofundme.com/f/boj-the-movie

My intention is to public speak and show my film to other health providers about my experience as a patient and provide some insight into patient advocacy. 

On November 19 at 730 pm, I will perform my one man show live and I hope to publish and do my show in many places.