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Welcome to my dream of social justice and arts coming together.

I am a multifaceted believer in all things. I am currently have my masters in social work, my LMSW, and currently working on my LCSW therapy while simultaneously promoting a movie and live performance of my one person journey BOJ. I also playwright, direct, act and coach. Join me as I culminate my theatrical background with my theoretical approaches to therapy and go across America speaking publicly about my massive stroke that I had in 2012.

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My Story

IIn 2012 on December 28 following a matinee performance of Billy Elliot, I had a massive stroke that left me paralyzed on my entire right side including the loss of my speech. Through a tremendous amount of physical, occupational, and speech therapy, I was able to recovery from the cognitive abilities of my mind but the physical still give me problems. 

Previously I had been a performer, director, choreographer, producer, teacher and administrator in many artistic venues. I was in CATS, RAGTIME and BILLY ELLIOT just to name a few. I had worked with various non-profits such as ND Ballet Company, Crimson Creek Plsyers and taught at the University of North Dakota. I spent six years back home in ND where I contributed a great deal of teaching in the ND area and performing in the Medora Musical and the Medora Christmas Musical. 

Now, I'm looking at taking my social work degree, my LMSW and my public speaking ability and talking about my stroke and how we can better serve patient advocacy. 

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